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Hardware was delievered and is working great

When I got home with Emma on Friday we went down to get the garbage containers and mail.  As we were getting ready to head up to the house after getting the mail, the UPS driver was honking coming down the street.  He had two boxes for us.  Some clothes for Emma that Jen had ordered and the case and power supply I had ordered.  That night after Emma went to bed I hooked up the picopsu to the mythfrontend in our bedroom.  I was a little bit worried about the ratings on the power supply and what the box required to run.  Sure enough it powered up and the only sound we hear now is the cpu fan and a case fan.  I do not know if I will replace those eventually or just let them be.  My plan it so get a nano itx motherboard that is atom based and put that in the new case I just got Friday.  Eventually I want to have very small, power efficient frontends.  Two of those for frontends and I should be set.  The only other item I would like to get later this year would be a HD-PVR so we can record hd stuff off our our cable box.  I would love to record shows from the history channel and also discovery channel.  Eventually we should be getting SyFy in hd also.  The HD-PVR would allow me to use firewire to change channels on our cable box and then grab that signal via component outputs from the cable box.

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