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Up on hostmonster and things seem to be going great

It took a few days to copy all of the files, mostly our pictures archive.  I use my hosting account for a backup of all of our pictures, along with a few copies on other drives at our house.

Everything seems to be working great on the new host.  I believe they will probably load up my current host as more clients come in, but so far the new host looks to be a dual quad core proc instead of the dual dual core proc I used to be on.  System load is next to nothing.  I do not seem to over use resources like I did every now and again on the old host.  Now to try to get the gallery fully built and happy.

Knowing that bluehost and hostmonster use the same resources I would have to say renewing for 3 years at hostmonster, instead of paying about the same for 1 year at bluehost was well worth the move.  Bluehost would not budge on the 7.95 a month price, but being a new customer to hostmonster I could qualify for the promotional price of 3.95 a month.  Amazing what they will do for a new customer.

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