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HDHomerun Prime is up and running

It only took a few hours trying to do the self install and then a truck roll with two techs who did not know much about cable cards at all. They both thanked me for showing them how it worked and the web interface on the hdhomerun prime to show them the numbers they knew they needed but did not know how they were suppose to get them. Activation only took like 30 seconds once they had a working cable card paired with the tuner adapter and hdhomerun prime Now thanks to charter and the way they have channels setup, I can record any of the premium cable channels we get on our cable box. We can’t do video on demand or pay per view, but I was not looking to do that anyway.

Card Authentication success
Card OOB Lock success
Card Activation success
Tuning Resolver ready
Tuner 0 Channel none
Tuner 1 Channel none
Tuner 2 Channel none

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