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Great weekend

Well, had a pretty good weekend. Menards is having their 20.03 % off what ever you can fit into a 10 gallon container. Well I could not pass this up at all. Finishing off my basement and all, I had to go back a few times. Got most electrical products I needed. Some more wire, eight can lights for the rooms in the basement, a few more outlets and some wall switches. Got the ceiling fan/light for the bathroom. That will be fun to put in. Hope to start on the can lights this week. Finished up most of the insulation for the outside walls. Have to go back and get about 8 more rolls for the few inside walls of the basement and then about 30 rolls for the ceiling. After that I have some data and audio video cable to run and then we can drywall. Hope to get most of this done this winter, so the summer I just have to finish the bathroom and put the carpet down, just finish work.

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