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New blog up and running

Well I have finally found a really nice blog to use on my site. Now to keep it running and not break it as I customize it.

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  1. Goon says

    Good looking blog. Is it Movable Type CGI? I first wanted to use movable type for my blog but am considering going for something asp baised instead. You might want to tweak the margins on your blog entries as they runn off the page even with the res turned up to 1152×864. I really like the calender. I was considering tying my calender into a database that freinds could tag weekends that they were interested in getting together. Have you considered how your website would look if you integrated your blog into your main page and then instead of calling it a blog it would just be fresh content for your site? That is what I was originally planning on doing but I am not sure that is what I want to do.

    Long winded comment huh

    Do you get an email or something when someone leaves comments on your blog?


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