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Just another day

Well another weekend has passed and didn’t get much accomplished on the basement again. I did hook up and test two wall lights. They are wired into an existing 2way switch for the stairs. So now the hallway and the stair lights are all hooked up. Guess my big buy for the basement next month will be the doors, some drywall and some can lights. I need to get speaker wire also. After I get those main items I will have alot more work to do. Right now I am just slow but sure wiring stuff up. Have all the tools I need now to put in the coax for cable and satallite. I can also run the ethernet cabling. I need to go and get 2 2×6’s for framing in the metal poll in the middle of the room. I want to put one cat5 cable there and power also. So pretty much in a holding pattern on the basement at this time. Need more supplies. But like I said, at least I can keep wireing stuff when I have time.

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