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Problem might be solved

After about 10 trips up and down the stairs, I think I have both network cables run down to the basement and tucked away nicely. Made sure to cross over power cables at a 90 degree if I had to cross over them. Made sure both 1 and 2 and 3 and 6 (pairs that is) were hooked up and tested out fine. Both replaytv’s seemed to be doing ok. I had to reboot the one in the bedroom so it would do it’s upnp thing so both could see each other. Started to stream from the one in the bedroom to the one in the living room (jenny was studying in the bedroom) and it seemed to stream just a bit choppy on video and audio. Thought to my self, what did I do wrong now. So went on to do other things and didn’t get back to it last night. Poped it on this morning and it streamed the rest of the show i was watching just fine. Think it might have been to much for the replay in the bedroom when I was messing with it. Jenny was watch the replay in the bedroom and I had just rebooted it and I also was getting a 2 gig show off of it. To many things at the same time, all at startup for the replay, think that might have been the problem. Extracted shows off of each reaplay this morning and that went fine. So think the switch down stairs and the 3 lines I have run down stairs are fine. Now to wire up the other 5 phone/network jack in the house and get them hooked up to the switch down stairs. Might not have enough ports on it right now. Might have to hook another switch up or hub for a short time. But all seems to be working on the network front now.

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