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Basement catch up

Well this weekend I have made some advancments on the basement. finished up on the bathroom lighting, put in two switches for the computer room and have one light hooked up. Planning on a ceiling fan in the center of the computer room and then can lights around the outside of the room. I moved the main electrical run for the lights in the main room. I have to get the double door ordered and then I can frame the rest of that wall in to the dimentions of the door, then I can finish up the switched of the main room and hook them to the can lights I just bought last night. Bought 12 can lights and 3 bulbs and only 4 covers for the lights. Wanted to make sure I liked these lights and covers. I think they will work great. Hooked up two of the three heater vents in the basement. I now know why they want so much for installation on that system. The local heating company wanted about 1grand to do the job and I have done it for just under 300. But I have one slight cut on my thumb and a pretty bad cut on my finger that might need to be looked at by a doctor. Good thing I am married to one. Will probably go and get a tetnis(sp?) shot tomorrow though. But both are done and the last one should not be to bad. going to use an existing run and just hook it into the run that goes to the upstairs closet. Have that vent closed anyways. Then just have to put a return vent. But not worried about that right now.

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