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Lights are up

Well I have 9 of the 12 can lights up and working. They are hooked up temporarily for the time being. I will hook them up to their real switches as soon as I find out what size door I am going to put into the room and then frame the wall up. Just need to run 2 wires and then hook the two sets of four up. Then there is a can at the bottom of the stairs and then 3 in the computer room. Lighting should be all set then. I still am looking to put a fan in the computer room. Bought the fixture tonight and will put that up and wire it in this week probably. Now to move on to the video, phones and network cables. Oh and the speaker cables. Going to use the standard electric wire in the walls and ordering come nice wall jacks to hook them to. Then I can use short speaker cables from the wall to the speakers. I have to figure out what projector I want and figure out where to put it so I can run cables for that also.

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