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Ordered the Onkyo reciever

Jenny gave me the go for it last night so I ordered the Onkyo TXSR800. Got it for a few cents over 700 bucks. Retail is 999 and that is the price at most places. onecall has a price matching policy and someone got them to pricematch to that price somehow. So the price was only good till midnight last night. Shipping was a bit expensive, 22bucks or something like that. But getting the whole things shipped for only 700 bucks, I think that was a total bargain. Now to find something to do with my onkyo 939. Email me if you want the 939 for a steal. Can’t wait to get this thing next week hopefully wed. I will finally be able to listen to a movie in dts. I hope it is as good as everybody tells me the sound is.

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  1. Kevin says

    Good Morning Newy

    Do you still have the Onkyo 939 for sale?



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