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Taylor seems to be doing ok

Well it was kind of a long evening last night. We picked taylor up at about 5:30. She seemed to be doing very good. Got her home and all was fine. Then she started throwing up. Probably 3 times I would guess. Brought her cage up and set it up in the bedroom. So jenny and myself did not get the best sleep last night. Taylor just couldn’t get comfortable from the sounds of her stiring all night. This morning got up at about 5:45 and took her outside. She took care of business and came back in and drank a bit of water and sat with us and just enjoyed the company. She had a mouthful of food and then went into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and lay there the rest of the morning. Got her to get up and took her outside one more time so she could bark at the neighbors as they went to work and then put her back in her cage. Will try not to worry about her until I go home for lunch. Have to give her antibiotics for the next 5 days and pain (horse pills) for the next 3 days. Hopefully she will start eating at lunch or dinner tonight. Want her to take the pain pills so she is comfortable.

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