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Got the reciever

Well, I had to go pick up the onkyo last night because the fedex guy needed signature. So got it home. Came in a pretty big box and it was plenty heavy. Didn’t even get to open it until about 10pm. So just got it out and looked at it and then took the manual and read for a bit before I want to bed. This morning I hooked it to power and hooked two of my small realistic speakers to it to make sure it worked. Turner worked fine and speakers made some sound so I know it at least powers on and seems to work. Tonight I plan to come home and start dinner and get taylor fed. Then I plan to start the (hopefully not to bad of a) process of taking the old reciever out and putting the new one in. I might actually have to go find a dvd at bestbuy also that is encoded in dts7.1. I might have one already, I will have to check. Can’t wait to get both the side speakers hooked up temporarly and see what this unit can do.

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