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Great weekend, to bad it is over

Well over the weekend I worked on the basement a bit. Have the big room fully insullated, well the walls at least. I have to go get about 4 more rolls of insullation so I can finish up the bathroom. I have two rolls of insullation for the ceiling but have not put those up yet. Want to put those up just to make sure that is the insullation I want to use, then I will go back and get 4 more rolls for the walls and probably get 5 to 10 for the ceiling and see how far that gets me. Man does that stuff stink up the house for a day. Think the smell is almost gone now.

Went out and bought two hallogen lights for the backyard. Went up into the attack for the first time yesterday and started to get a feel for how I am going to run the wires to the lights in back. Planning to put a door in the back of the garage so we can let taylor in and out that way. There is an outlet right there where the door is going to be so I am planning on using that and making a light switch/outlet combo box out of it. Then I have power and switch for the two outside lights I want to put up. So have to start looking for the door and as soon as I put that door in I can put the lights up and get a bit more light in the backyard.

Found a nice cedar doghouse for taylor. That is going to set us back about 160. Probably will go get it in another month or so. Hope she likes that. Se really seems to like the backyard. Gives her the freedom she has been needing. Got a fresbee for her over the weekend. Have not worked on getting her to catch it yet but she is great at playing fetch with it. Hopefully later this summer we will get her catching it.

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