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Backyard is now fenced in

Came home last night and they had come and installed the fence yesterday. Looks like it is mostly completed. A few things that I hope they are going to come back and fix and finish but mostly intact. Enough for taylor at least. They did have to cut my neighbors tree back. But he seems to be ok with it. The neighbor mentioned that he talked to the neighbor accross the street and that guy said that the plat was not allowed to have chainlink fences I guess. Well I had asked the builder and called the city to check and nothing from either of them awhile ago. Walked around the two streets in the plat last night and saw 2 houses with chain link fences in the backyard and then this morning I drove through the neighborhood on my way to work and found 3 yards with chain link fences and one that had a wood fence on the front edges and chain link on the other sides. So I have no idea what that one neighbor is talking about. I am not worried. I will let someone complain or knock at the door or something before I even think much less worry about it again. Then there will be 4 other people in the neighborhood that will have to worry also. Anyways, taylor loves it back there. Sometimes it is hard to get her to come in. She just seems to be sniffing all over and running back and forth. Now to get some lights up back there so we can see her back there at night and then I am going to put a piece of wood down at the gates so she can’t dig under them if she wanted to. Just a small burried piece of wood you can get them at any home store, think it is called landscaping lumber. Kind of a 4×4 post but curved on 2 sides. Then I will use the leftovers to put a small wood block down right over my corner markers for my plot of land.

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