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Another good weekend

Well this weekend was very relaxing. Taylor it taking to the backyard nicely. She was out quite a bit this weekend. Eating grass and everything else she can find. Found one of the sticks of fertilizer that I buried for the pine trees. Good to see she didn’t eat it. Might have chewed on it a bit though. Could not really tell.

Jenny and I decided to redo our guest bedroom. So the walls are blue now and we have a new quilt for the bed. Probably later this week I will put all the plates back on the wall and finish up on the rest. We want to put one more coat of white paint around the window and then have some artist brushes to clean up a few miscast around the edges on the walls. Bought some new curtains and curtain rod for the window also. Will put that up tonight since jenny is on call again.

Other than that. Woke up today to about 2 inches of snow piled up against the garage. Was a bit suprised. Just put down triazonone yesterday to try to get rid of the grubs. Still have to spray the backyard. Just got the front and side yard right now. Put another bag of grass seed down. Hopefully the yard will take off this summer. Looking much better than last year already.

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