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Big problem in basement this morning

Well the morning started out with me waking up just a bit late, not to late. Got up and went down to feed taylor and let her out. Taylor is our 7 month old dog. When I turned the light on down stairs I was very suprised to find about a half an inch of water in the utiltiy room. So got the shop vac out and started sucking all the water up. Filled up the 16 gallon container up once and then about half again. Man is that thing heavy to lift when it is full. So ended up making it to work on time. Early actually. Well my wife called while I was at work and said she filled about half of the shop vac once again. So something has to be leaking I am thinking. Couldn’t find the leak earlier though. So take off from work about 10am and get home. Floor is pretty much all dry now, since she went over the floor again. Well come to find out. We painted the previous weekend and I forgot to put the watersoftener discharge tube back in the utility sink. I had move it up and out of the way while cleaning the painting stuff up. So my fault and everything is drying now. Should be pretty much dry when I get home. Now to clean up just a few spots from salt buildup on the floor and then organize that room so in the future I don’t have to worry about water damage. Not to may things got wet, most stuff was either not touched or up and out of the way of any water. So got lucky this time.

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