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Day of vaction which made for a long great weekend

Well, friday turned out to be a perfect day to take vacation. Got up and cleaned up the basement mess from the water softner problem the day before. Also cleaned up the rest of the utility room and organized the work bench area and also a set of shelves that really needed some help. Then went out and bought some stain for the deck and stained/sealed the deck finally. That took most of the afternoon but was well worth it. Looks pretty good, have two places we missed but rest of the deck looks great. Probably will look much better after the summer when it fades a bit. Woke up early sat. and got out the tools and started cuting and diging getting read to put some lattice work around the bottom of our deck so taylor doesn’t dig or lay in the dirt down there anymore. So everything was all in place and ready to nail about 10am, got the air compressor out and staple gun and in about 5 mins had the whole things hooked up and looking great. Put the weather station back up, ended up mounting the temp gauge and water gauge on the deck instead of way up in the air and then put the wind gauge back up on the pole. Eventually I want to try to mount the wind gauge on the roof somewhere so it is out of site, well not out of site but a bit more hidden or ugly. I must admit not the best looking setup at this point and time. Was able to hide the temp gauge under the deck though. Can’t really hide rain gauge since it needs to collect rain. The solar cells also can’t be hidden to much either. Grass is growing pretty good. Coming in a bit thicker this year. Put down some more seed and will fertlize middle to late this month and probably will cut the grass on the highest lawnmower setting this week sometime. Some patches of grass are getting pretty tall. Sunday was able to was the car and clean the inside of both the jeep and the car with jenny’s help. Helped a friend cut a tree down and patch his roof on sat. That was interesting to say the least. Over all a pretty good long weekend. Could use a few more of those for sure

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