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Not much new

Well not to much going on lately. Have been a bit under the weather. Just a cold I think. allergies have picked up again also though. So hope I get over this cold soon. Taylor goes to school tomorrow. We take her out to the place tomorrow evening and then pick her up on the 9th of may. Will be quite without her. Probably will miss her. Just bought her a new rawhide ring last night. The thing was huge. The reason I say was, is because she has almost finished half of it already. Probably was about 6 inches across and 2 inches think. Maybe a bit bigger. Man can she chew those things up. Starting the planning and layout of the sprinkler system this weekend. Will call miss dig after that and then go rent the trencher and pull the main lines in and get all of the smaller lines in also. Then it will be hooking up all the heads and letting the water flow. Probably won’t have the plumber out to hook the system up until much later. probably will put it all in and include the backflow preventor right now and then have the house water hook to that later. Will try to get away with hooking a hose to the system for now, until more money starts growing on our money tree. Just hasn’t started as of yet.

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