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The painting project continued

Well I think I have the painting thing down a bit better than before now. Painting the room blue was not hard at all. But man when you paint a wall almost the same color, that is hard. Especially when there is very little light. Natural like I have found is almost necessary to paint inside. Well after putting two coats of paint on the entry area, I have one area I have to touch up really quick tonight and then I move on to the living room. Hope to get the small wall that the thermostat is on, painted and put back together tonight. Then on to the area of the house that will be the hardest thing I have ever seen to paint. 5 door in about a 5 square foot area. So many edges and I think on two or three of the sides of the doors I am actually going to have to gently take the trim off the doors to be able to paint in the corners without painting the trim. That should be fun. Will leave that for later. So hope to finish that tonight and get all parts and pieces back on the wall and then get the large tall wall in the living room prepared tonight so I can paint it tomorrow. Want to get most of the living room done this week or weekend and then finish the dining room and other areas I have missed next week. Just want this area done and over with. Then on to smaller rooms. Have to figure out what type of cabinet I want to put in the laundry room so I can get that installed and then paint that room next, I hope at least.

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