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Painting of main room complete

Well after painting a little on thursday and a little on friday, none on saturday and a lot on sunday, then a whole bunch today, I put a total of 3 1/2 gallons of paint on the entry, livingroom and kitchen plus the stairways down to the basement. It is complete finally. Thinking about using painting the laundry room the same color if there is time on thursday or friday. Then I plan to put a cabinet in there and that room should look a lot better. The cabinet is a much needed addition. Have to try to figure the best fitting cabinet. We are also thinking of painting the main bathroom the same color as the living room. It is not a bad color. After we get those two rooms painted we have the computer room (soon to be jenny’s office) and the master bedroom and bath. Not sure if we will do those this summer or not. Want to do some landscaping in the front this summer also. Grass is coming along great. Almost to good. Just mowed it friday night and it needs to be mowed again. Guess the fertilizer is doing it’s job. Trying to get rid of the weeds now. Coming along much better than last year. Sill now underground sprinkler system as of yet though. Hopefully that will come at end of this month if all works out.

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