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new work

Well seem to be getting some more side work again. Comes in phases. What to mess with now though. probably will have about 400 I am hoping in the next month or so. What to work on next. I think I will actually put that towards some landscaping or some storage stuff for the garage. Still have plenty to do in the basement before I can put drywall up. Have a few things in the garage I want to do also. As soon as the sprinklers are in I think I will start on the lights in the backyard and the door going out the back of the garage. Want that for the winter for sure. Then will get back to the basement. Have the bathroom fixtures to start looking at and need to finish up on the electric in bathroom and then run audio video stuff in the main room and computer room. Want to get all cabling run this summer though and have all framing finished. That means choosing the bathroom fixture (not buying) and doors for the basement. Debating on insulation for ceiling or not. Probably will go through with it. Will make for a very nice quite room down there. MIght have to put door bell ringer down there also. I think once it is completed I will be spending much of my time down there. Computer, cool weather, TV, bathroom what more do you need?

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