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Great holiday weekend

Well just got back from the long holiday weekend. Had a wedding in chi-town. Had a good time. Was good to get back and relax a bit last night though. Have to get back to the grind this week. Need to get out to the local home store so I can pick up a can of spray paint to mark the yard and get the tubing for the yard. Want to mark the spot I want to put the timmer for the system also. Need to be a bit careful because I plan to put a door in the back of my garage and I also want to put the light switches for some new lights in back and also this sprinkler controller. MIght mount that controller during the week so I can get that hooked up sat or sunday and get that working. Hope to have it all running sunday, just hooking the system up to our spicket for this summer I think. Probably not allowed but plan to unhook it or maybe get the backflow valve in place and hook it to that so all I have to do is unhook the hose and perminatly hook a pipe to the backflow valve. At any rate I want to be able to hit a button and then 30 mins later the water is all watered.

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