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Lines in for the sprinkler system

Well after spending a full day on saturday pulling in the main lines and the zones for the sprinkler system both my house and a friends house has every line pulled for the underground sprinkler system. Started at 7:30 by picking up the toro dingo. Went and got some parts and had a bit of breakfast and then started at my friends house at about 10am. Put together one zone and then hooked water up to it to make sure that pressure was enough for the design we were planning on and after that test passed we moved on. Finished his house up at about 2pm and went to mine. Started at about 2:30 and did not finish until 8pm. What a long day. That day killed me for sure. Only 2 problems through the trenching part. Took out my friends lights in his backyard. He didn’t like them to much anyway he said and we cut through my telephone to my house. That kind of sucked. Hooked it back up and all is better now.

Woke up at 8 on sunday and took the machine back at 10am, no problems there. Was glad to get rid of it. Came back home and started hooking the sprinklers up in my backyard. Worked until lunch and then worked until about 4:30. Finished a few zones. Have one zone of 4 left and then have to hook up the main valves to the zones, might get part of that done tonight. Home to have the back done in the next day or so. Then probably on to the side yard which is one zone and then the other side yard which is another 2 zones (small sprinkler heads though). Then the worst part probably, the front yard. I might actually do some of that tonight though. Clean it up and put the easy ones in quick so the front yard is presentable again. Back is looking pretty good. Amazed at how it all came together. Not to much damage all in all. Should have just about a grand into it when all said and done. Just trying to figure out how to put the main connection to the house in. Right now I can hook the whole system up to the hose and run it. Will plumb into the basement sometime later this year so it is permanent.

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