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Well I had to give in finally

My phone started acting up yesterday. Went out to try to fix it. Yep it was the line I pulled the sprinkler sytem through a few weeks ago. So put some grease caps on the two wires that were in use. The phone line didn’t really get any better. So I had to call sbc. They came out today and just put a temp line around my house, kind of like what they did when they came out to hook the phone up. So in 2 to 4 weeks they will be out to pull a new phone line for me. I have to mark all of my sprinkler lines so they do not go through them. I know for some reason they will be pulling a phone line right though them. We shall see. Hopefully the will not. If I remember correctly I only have 2 lines that will be in their way. Those have not even been put down yet either. They are the last two I have to do. So hopefully they will not cause any problems. I still have not fixed my drain that they pulled the cable through last year. Oh well. We shall see what happens. Hopefully they will not charge me for this.

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