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Great weather over the weekend

Well I was able to finish up the 2 zones on the garage side of the house. So they are all running now. I have to finish up one last zone in the front that I have been putting off, but probably should go ahead and finish and hope ameritech does not break the line when they pull a new telephone cable in for me. After that is complete, the whole system will be operational. Then I have to hook to house plumbing and fix at least one valve that leaks. Watered the whole yard twice yesterday. Once in morning and once in evening. Seemed to get most places. Will have a few brown spots but hopefully only one that I see right now. Planning on putting some landscaping there anyway so really didn’t want to plumb another head in right now. Grass is really starting to get brown in a few spots so I guess I should start to water. Will mow tonight and then put down some fertilizer and water that in probably.

Meijer had patio stuff on sale this week so jenny and I found a really nice set of deck furniture. Very heavy construction and wood surfaces. I really like it. Hope it won’t damage the deck to much since it is so heavy. Got an unbrella also, have to go get a base for the unbrella today and that will be all set. Will be nice to sit out there and eat or relax from time to time now.

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