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Well it has been a busy week

To start off, my boss has been out of town for almost 2 weeks. It has been a one man show at work for a bit. Not to bad but always a bit more to keep up with when things don’t got how they should. Then this week my brother got sick and had to go to hospital, all is fine with him now. For about 4 hours there I wasn’t sure what I could do from my desk, just was trying to play phone tag and get someone to make sure he was OK. Then the next day I get a call and find out my dad was in an accident. Wow, what more can happen ( I am sure a lot, thank goodness nothing more has happened), he is doing much better now also. Got T-boned by a full sized van while my dad was going 55 down the road. What are the odds that someone can hit you on the side of your car when you pass through a intersection. Guess it was not the first time this lady has blown through a stop sign either from the sounds of the policeman writing the report up. He sounds like he is doing OK, a lot of scraps and bruises and a broken rib they think, but that is all they have found so far. He has been wanting a new truck for awhile and been putting it off. Now I think he might have motivation to look for a new one. Thank goodness we had rain for about 3 hours yesterday. To bad I didn’t get fertilizer down before it though. Got fertilizer down last night though so if we get rain like the weather says we should over this weekend it will get soaked in. I was getting worried about the lawn. Still trying to get the lawn to grow (less than a year old still) and this no rain stuff means that new sprinkler system is getting utilized, to bad it is not all the way finished yet. Oh well. All in good time.

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