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Fixed one leak and worked on the yard over the weekend

Well I finally had some extra time saturday evening and decided to work on the valve that leaked on the side of the house for the sprinkler system. Found the connection that was giving me problems and fixed it with one more clamp. Seemed to work fine. But in doing that I had presurized the system for about an hour and found out that 2 other valves look like they have very slow leaks also. So I will have to take about 30 mins to an hour on each of those to fix them also. Not a huge deal at this time seing that I turn the water off for the system when I am not using it anyway, but still need to be fixed before the end of the year.

Went out and bought some bricks this weekend. Put them around the 5 trees I planted last year. They make a nice edging now and then filled in around the tree with mulch. Went with the cypress mulch this time, didn’t really like the read mulch the builder put in. So I am in the process of getting the old read mulch up and out of the front of the house and getting ready to put the new cypress mulch down. Have the yard waste container full already so I will have to wait till after friday to finish up on getting rid of the rest of the red mulch. Have almost have done right now. We want to put two more areas in the front yard that will have bushes and mulch and stuff, so I might work on that this week if time permits. Going to mow the lawn tonight I think.

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