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Finally the sprinkler system is up and running

Last night I buried the last valve and mainline to the house. I still have the hose hooked to it, I need to buy copper pipe and get the inside work done still, but I have all of the zones up and running. Thankfully we have had so much rain lately so the digging has been easy and I have not had to actually turn the system on. I still need to dig one valve up and tighten the connections on it. It seems to be leaking. Other than that, I want to change the nozzles on a few of the heads to get the sprinkler to cover more area. Pretty happy so far with the system. Depending on what we do with the front yard as far as landscaping, I might need to put two more heads in. One right next to some telephone boxes that I want to put bushes around anyway, and on the other side of the house where there is a bunch of cable, telephone and power boxes also. I might hand dig that line in later this year. Just didn’t want to cut anymore lines for the time being. Hopefully the weather will hold off this evening so I can get out and cut my hay. The grass has really darkened up and started growing again thanks to the last fertilizer application and watering it almost everyday either with the sprinkler system or storms. So now that this month long project is coming to a close, what next? I believe I will work on putting a door on the back wall of the garage and then the lights in the backyard. Want to get both of those done before winter sets in. Don’t really want to be bringing taylor in the back door all the time this winter.

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