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Short weekend

Well we had a physical inventory at work this weekend. That kept me busy all day saturday. Was not something I really wanted to be doing. Went fast though. Just made for a short weekend. I was able to work on the front edging like I wanted to though. Finished up the front flower bed with mulch and edging. Took the old edging out and cut it up to through away. Put the bricks down. Went and got a few more bags of mulch and a few more bricks also. Going to put one more shrub in on the front next to the garage and then going to put another bed in on the side of the garage and have 12 day lilies to put in there. Hope to get that tonight or tomorrow. Have to go help a guy with his PC tonight right after work and then will go home and mow and maybe wash the car and work on that area next to the garage. Hope to finish that up today or tomorrow. Have the day off tomorrow. Going to try to go golfing for the first time this year.

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