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great day off yesterday

Was able to wake up a bit later than normal and go get the dog up. Feed her and spend some time with her. That was good. Then had a friend come up and we went and hit a few balls at the range and then played 9 holes. Was a good time. Didn’t go very good at all, but did par two of the nine holes. I have finished up the front landscaping for now. Burried the last part of the sprinkler system I wanted to get done(still have 2 leaks to fix but not worried at this point, have to plumb into house perminatly also). Have 12 day lilies I want to plant still. 8 on side of house and 4 in front. Once those are completed I will have all plans of land scaping finished. I want to at least work on one more spot this year but might wait until fall to do it.

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