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Another beautiful weekend came and went

Ended up going to my old roomates place over near jackson. Spend the weekend there. He lives on a lake and has a very nice ski boat. The thing has cruise control and a few other bells and whistles. Finally got to go biking also. That was a blast, it has been way to long since I have gotten out on the trails. Not to many bugs out there either. Anyway, I am dead tired now. Won’t be able to hit the gym tonight like I planned. Need to go home and work in the yard a bit, get the lawn mowed and watered. Probably will relax and get to bed early tonight also. Try to stay awake a little better tomorrow I hope. This weekend we are going to be dog sitting. Should keep taylor very busy. I hope both of them are dead tired every night. Will be working at a local office part of the weekend doing some side work also. Setting up a second office for this guy in town. Moving stuff and putting in a brand new sever for him also. That will be nice to get some extra money.

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  1. Steve says

    Dog sitting, eh?
    I may have to bring some beers by, then.

    Cruise control on a boat? Holy crap that’s cool!

    Need to chat with you about fishes. Nate and I both are looking to have some new fish tank action….

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