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Finished up the side landscaping

Well last night I spent about one hour and finished up the side edging and put the day lilies in and then topped it off with mulch. The area looks pretty good. When I put the bricks down for edging, it makes it so much easier to mow. Have put bricks down for every area I mulched so far. Thinking about edging and mulching the other side of the house also. Then I won’t have to mow and edge around the air conditioner and utilities. Will wait to do that until I finish up hooking the sprinkler system into the house. Have to dig that area up anyway. Might try to do that this week and then hook to main line later this week or next week. That is the only part I am afraid of. Cutting the main line and hooking into it. Probably nothing to worry about, but we shall see. So now I have one more sprinkler head I want to put it, and that is a manual dig. Then I would like to try to get two areas in the front landscaped. Put some tall decorative grass’ and some day lilies and shrubs out there. That will take care of one area that gets brown because there is not sprinkler head hitting it and will help out with mowing the front area.

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