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Fertilized just in time

Well, last night right after I got home, put the lasanga in the oven and let taylor out to play in the backyard. I started to put the last application of fertilizer down. Man it seems like it takes so long. I like to put it down thin and then do 2 to 5 passes to make sure it is getting spread as evenly as possible. Plus my broadcaster is only a year old but really sucks. I think I will spend the extra money and get a better one. Maybe I can find one on sale at the end of the season this year. So anyway. Taylor thought it was a game. Follow me and kind of bump into me while I am spreading and then when I turn the corner she thought I was coming after her so she would dart off the other way. That kept her really busy. Kind of funny. So when I was finished. The lasanga was almost finished and taylor didn’t even go down to eat. She went and took a long drink of water and then just laid down and took a nap. Gave me some time to play Need for speEd 2 on the new xbox. So anyway. Went to bed last night and about 5 mins later it just came down. Watered the ferilizer in very nicely. So I am going to need to mow the lawn friday or sat. so it doesn’t get to out of control to quick.

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