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Started on the Copper line for the sprinkler system

Well, last night I was able to sweat a few joints for the copper line I am going to run from the main water connection in the basement, to the sprinkler system. Have the long run and the 90 degree elbow that goes down to a hose connection so I can empty out the line in the winter, then on to a shutoff valve so I can shut all the water off to that branch of the plumbing. I have one piece left on this portion that will hook to a T connector I have to sweat into the main line. That is the only connection I am worried about. The other end of the long section has a 90 degree elbow that needs to be sweated into position and then will be attached to a small tube and then another 90 degree elbow that will connect to a tube that will go outside. The two hardest spots are left. I have to figure out where I want it to go out of the house, hopefully just out the wood area on the house, not out the cement area. Then getting the correct parts to attach to a backflow valve and from there I think I have all the parts to connect to the sprinkler system. I have the parts to connect to the main house line also. Just don’t really want to cut that one quite yet. Thinking about hooking a hose to the line I am putting in right now just for testing purposes and then, after I know it is all working I will plumb it into the house plumbing. Just want to be careful. Then after this is accomplished I will work on plumbing in the shower and the toilet and the sink in the bathroom. Probably about 50 bucks in parts for the pipes and then have to figure out what water facets I want to put into the shower and sink. toilet will just be a valve to turn the water off in an emergency. The last plumbing project I hope, will be moving two short lines in the basement that I want to put up in the joice so I can dry wall where they use to be. Looked at them last night and I think it is doable. Will have to get a small pipe cutter, the one I have it a bit big for the area I have to get into the cut and then a pad that is fire resistant, so I can get the torch up in the small are I have to sweat the pipes together in. Will protect wood and insulation and plastic waste piping.

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