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Working on the yard

Well last weekend I put down about 200 pounds of topsoil. Last night I bought another 10 bags of soil, roughly 400 pounds of soil. Put 8 of the bags down last night and seeds a bit more. I have 2 more I want to put down, I will probably go get another 10 bags tonight, on my way home from work. That should be plenty for the front and side yards. Then seed a bit and try to water them for the next 20 or so days, every morning. I want to get the sprinkler system patched up and hooked into the main water this weekend. Not hooked in by the hose. We shall see far I can get though. MIght be to much to do for this weekend. I think I have all the parts I need though. MIght try to put one more sprinkler head out in the front yard also. Have to dig roughly 20 feet to where I want it to be. WIll take a min. of 2 hours I think. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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