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Not much completed lately

Last night I did get the new switch and patch panel setup and ready to mount. I had to modify a 2U wall mount rack a bit so I can get the new switch into it Got that all set and now just have to clear a spot for it on the wall in the basement so I can put it up. I think I am going to move a few things around though. I am going to put the freezer under the electical box and network wires and then put the shelving unit that is currently on that wall over where the freezer was. Think that will make things fit a bit better. Going to move the stereo out and tv also. Soon I will have all the connection up and running so we can hook that tv up in another area of the basement for the time being. If I feel up to it I want to get all of the accomplished tonight. Then just have the two network runs that I want to redo for the livng room and bedroom. Man am I moving slow on this thing.

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