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Organized and labeled all data wiring

Had my old roommate up this past weekend and we worked on finishing up some of the cable organization for all the data cables. I can’t remember how many cables I pulled and have hanging in the utility room. There are a whole bunch. My old roommate kept saying it looks like we are in a companies utility room not a house. Got ever coax (7) and every cat 5e(8) and every cat6e(8) labeled and pulled into the socket and the data jacks hooked up and all screwed into the wall plates. I want to run two more runs to the bar area, but probably will not do that for a bit. I want to clean up the cables I have run already and get those punched down and tested. I hope to get that done this week if I find the time. I then want to run one more cable to the upstairs near the kitchen and then permanently wire the two cables I ran earlier this year to my two replaytvs, one in the living room and one in our bedroom. After I get those in the wall instead of coming up vents, I can then move my computers downstairs and start getting jenny’s office upstairs read for some paint and furniture.

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