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Data Cables have been punched down and tested

Well, spent a few hours yesterday working on the basement wiring. I started mounting the punchdown blocks and switch. Punched down the first cable and found out that every jack I punched down in the rooms was to the wrong standard. I punched down to standard B not A and my punchdown blocks are to the A standard. So I fixed the jacks and then punched down all 20 cables to the punchdown blocks. Tested the cables with a cheap cable tester I have and then also tested a few with our notebook to make sure it worked. All seem to be fine. I want to run two more sets of cable over where the bar will go. And run a few cables 3 or 4 to the upstairs rooms and then I think I will be cabled enough for any future needs. I will then need to get all of the coax cleaned up and all set. Glad that I finished the existing data cables though. Switched all of the cables to be rj45 not rj11. At most jacks I had 1 rj45 and one rj11. Now all the basement jacks are rj45, I can plug a phone cable into them if I need to. Probably will do the same upstairs also. Will setup one punchdown block for just phone then. Will jumper the phone to all the jacks on the block and then I can just patch phone signal to any jack in the house if I need it there.

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