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Well, taylor had her one year vet visit

Everything went great. She is a good weight and the vet didn’t find anything wrong with her. We had brought up that she scratches at her ears a bit. So he told us to put her on benedryl and gave us something to put in her ears twice a day. She seems to be doing a bit better now. We bought her a new feeding station as they call it. Puts the water bowl and food bowl at a higher spot so it is better for her while she eats. Has no problem drinking from it but doesn’t really like eating from it as of yet. I take the bowl out so she will eat the food. She has eaten out of the food bowl once so far out of 4 meals. She will warm up to is soon. Just a bit different. The benedryl seems to have a little affect on her but not much. She still went nuts yesterday afternoon. Had alot of energy to get rid of.

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