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Much needed relaxing weekend

Well we had a good day sat. With my college roommate and his wife. Saw the movie elf, was very funny. Sunday we did what we never thought we would do. Put up most of the outside christmas lights. We saw the neighbors putting some of theirs up and said why not. It is a beautiful day and we are not going to have another nice one like it this whole week probably. We will plan to put up the tree on friday but yesterday we got most of the outside lights up. We bought a whole bunch of icicle lights for the roof last year. We put most of those up. Had one box left and still wanted to do the edge of the roof over the garage. So we headed back out to see if we could find anymore boxes of lights. Did find two more. We need 2 or 3 more boxes probably. Jenny will check on those today. Might be able to finish that up tonight then. IN all we have 5 strings of lights with greenery around the front porch and I think 7 icicle strings up right now. I think I will have to plug the lights into at least two plugs this year. Not just one.

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