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Thanksgiving 2003

Well the extended weekend is almost over. It was very nice to have 4 days off work in a row. Very relaxing. Didn’t get to much done around the house, had some friends over and my parents and brother on the weekend. Still have not gotten up on the roof to finish up the christmas lights. Have all other decorations up, just have to get the lights on the garage roof. Got a new dvd player this weekend. It is a samsung. I can now play mp3’s and other cd’s and dvd’s that I could not before. Have not messed with it yet. Just hooked it up and made sure it worked. Have all the presents bought for christmas already. Jenny, is wrapping them little by little. Have a bedroom full of them right now. Good to have that out of the way already. Cleaned my fishtank for the first time in oh maybe 5 months. It needed it. Fish seem to be doing just fine. Tank looks really good now. I think I might keep a smaller tank going, had thought about just getting rid of all of it at one time. Well all for now. TIme to go get ready to watch alias now.

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