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Noticed it has been awhile since I have made any entries

Well, I have been busy but not that busy. Just have forgotten to make any entries I guess. I have put in a new(old box but a bit faster) firewall. I almost have a new fileserver/websever ready to go also. I have a new phone system on the way also. It is running on linux and the actual software package is called asterisk ( Very neat. Is supports many different phone formats, I am most interested in the IP phone portion. If you have any softphones or hardphones you would like to use with the system let me know. I am in the process of ordering a hard phone and soon will have a voice service to use that is voip. So cheap longdistance for everyone. Just let me know and I can setup and extention and voicemail (for people I know that is). I have about 4 different softphones setup on different pc’s so far and they all seem to be working fine. I can give you a free copy of a softphone program I use, it seems to work great. I am working on music on hold and a few other things. I need to get a fxo card so I can put my sbc line into the system. That should solve a few problems I am having. The software I believe uses this card for timing functions and a few other things that I am trying to do. So in the next few months I hope to have the system refined and working great. Let me now if you want to talk sometime.

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