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One more electical outlet up and running

Well I decided to work on the basement for a bit this weekend. What got me going was I went over to a friends house and was helping him with his basement. Trying to seal up some drafts he had found. Ended up taking most of the afternoon on saturday. That got me going on working on the basement again. So I put in another breaker and ran another power line out to the pole in the middle of the basement. That will also power the project a few feet away from the pole (a separate outlet in the ceiling for that). I need to move one set of outlets off of the light circuit in the basement and then electric should be finished down their. I probably will need to work on the electric for the bar but I have lines run to that area already and have a gfi outlet there already. So hopefully starting next month I will get back into the basement thing and finish up on insullation and run the rest of the speaker wires and get the order of drywall going and get that all in the basement. After that I have a few days of putting the drywall up and then mudding. That will be nice to have finished. Will start to look like a room them.

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