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Getting closer

I have not done to much on the basement lately. I am close to being ready for most of the drywalling of the office though. I think I am going to go price out drywall and the shower soon. Figure out if I want to have it delivered or rent a truck and pick it up myself. Figure I will need roughly 100 sheets of drywall to finish the basement. I am thinking I will get about 75 sheets and the shower at the same time. I think I can drywall the office and start on the main room and the bathroom. I will work on putting the cabinets and the fixtures in the bathroom this summer probably. Want to get the basement drywalled ASAP. Would love to be using it by next christmas. After drywall the only other big cost will be the carpeting. I am still trying to decide what I want to do as far as the gas stove goes. I should probably just plop the change down now and just do it.

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