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New pc finally up and running

I had an extra PIII 1gig laying around. I finally bought a case for it and took some other parts and made a new pc out of it. Now I have a 733 running my firewall and a few other things. I have a 1.33 ready to be put in as my main file/web/video/weather server. I have the old server an 1.8 that I will proably get ready to be put in and hooked up to the new projector I am eyeing when the basement is finished. Then I have this 1 gig for playing around with. Right now I put mandrake 9.2 on it to play with linux a bit. Now I just have to get another table and move all of this stuff down to the basement after I drywall the office down there. IT will be nice to get them downstairs and start on redoing the office upstairs for jenny. So anyway, I will have to take a picture of this new case. It is a cheap one but for the price, very nice. Has a plexi-glass side and I have a fan on the top, side and two in the back. Keeps the temp at about 71 degs right now. Not bad for a 50 dollar case and power supply. I am getting a 4 foot rack from a friend. I am going to have to start planning on what I want to do to fill that. Thinking I will put all my networking stuff in that. Put the firewall in there and maybe even the server also. Then just have one monitor and keyboard on a video swith there. Out of the way and don’t touch them to much anyway.

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