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Leak should be taken care of

I went up on sat. Morning and bleached the mold and dried that area up. Fluffed the insulation back up and then put up some plastic under the vent pipe to catch water if it starts to drip again. I will go back up in a few months to see if I can find anymore evidence of water again. Bought some good primer to cover over the water damage. I will get that all cleaned up in a few weeks after it has had some time to dry out. Went to Menards yesterday to look at the prices of drywall. Will be going to rent the Menards truck and getting drywall and some mdf in 2 weeks. I need to go through the numbers again. I want to get as close as possible to the amount I need so I do not have to make return trips and more importantly, I do not want to much extra. I think I am going to get 1/2 inch for the walls, 5/8 inch for the ceiling and I think I am going to spend the extra and put the green board (water resistant) in the bathroom. So I need to re-figure my number of sheets I need of each. I am also planning on putting mdf around the 2 metal Ibeams I have in the basement. Should be pretty easy to use and a nice clean look. Then I can screw the drywall right to the 1/2 inch mdf for a nice finish. I think I will also use the mdf in the two areas I need to make a sofet to cover up some duct work. I have a new dilemma now also. I bought a 52 inch ceiling fan for the office area. Put it together and wired it up and installed it last night. The thing works great. Only problem is it is just big enough that when it is on I get a small flickering in the room because of the recessed lights. Not sure what I am going to do about that. MIght move the lights out just a little bit and see if that helps. The blades do not go underneath the lights but go close enough to give the room a little flicker I guess. Maybe I can put a different cover on the lights so they do not let the light go the way the blades are. I will have to try that. Should be a cheap fix to. So I need to finish up a little more insulation and get the speaker wire run and I will be ready to drywall I believe.

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