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Might have to get Direct TV

I was playing around with an extra dish that i had from when I had dishnetwork. It was an extra dish I bought to get HDTV on another sat. When I sold my dishnetwork gear the buyer didn’t want to extra dish so I kept it. I just came into a dtv reciever the other day so I hooked it up to my stereo and then hooked this extra dish up to it. After a little rigging, I was able to find signal. I played with it a bit more and temporarily mounted it to something in my living room. Was able to get great signal once I opened my window. Was able to get all guide info and also was able to get a few dtv info channels. I think I will go ahead and mount it out on the back side of my house ( on the fence pole next to the back of my house). I have already run two coax cables to that corner of the basement. I will plan on putting the dish up and then drilling a hole through the wall and putting the 2 cables out to the side of the house. I can then hook up sat signal to any coax jack in the house.

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