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The new office downstairs is ready to be drywalled

Over the weekend I pu t up the rest of the insullation in the office. I am going to redo 2 runs, think I packed to much insullation into them (around heating duct). Then I am going to hook up the last heating duct and need to drill the hole through the outside wall so I can run the sat lines outside. Then I can button up the room. I need to take all of the outlet covers off of the outlets and data jack. I also need to take all of the light covers and lights out of the recessed cans. I need to take the fan down that I just put up to make sure it works. After that I will be ready for dry wall in that room. I need to figure out what I am going to do with two spots where there is some drain pipes going. Probably will just build a sofet to cover them up. Hope to get all of this done this week so I can start drywalling next week.

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