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Either later this week or early next week the drywall purchase

I think I have all measurements and calculations done for the drywall now. I will go down one last time to make sure I have all of it figured correctly. I will plan to put 5/8’s drywall on the ceiling and 1/2 inch on the walls. I plan to put green board in the bathroom. I plan to put 1/2 inch mdf up around the I-beams to make that area finished. I plan to drywall over the mdf when all said and done. The mdf should give me plenty to screw into, I might just use particle board also. Would be a little cheaper. I believe that the green board and drywall will cost me just about 400 dollars. I will get the particle board at the same time and might get a few sheets of plywood also so I can start on some cabinets also. Hope to keep the total bill at 500 or less. A friend and I plan to go rent the menards truck and get both my drywall and other sheets of stuff and his drywall and other sheets of stuff and maybe the shower I need to get also, on the truck. Hope we can get the stuff loaded and then unloaded into each of our garages within 1 hour to 2 hours. Then it will only cost each of us 20 or so dollars for the rental of the truck

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