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It is raining and the snow is almost gone

I am happy that the snow is almost all gone. It will be good to have a dry backyard so taylor can play around and I do not have to worry about cleaning her paws everytime she comes in. That gets to be a pain. The last weekend of this month is when a local lawn and garden store has a good sale on fertilizer. I go and buy all 4 treatments for the year at that time. Normally can get out of there paying about 60 to 70 dollars for the whole year. It works out great. Tried it for the first time last year and my lawn did very good. I did put the sprinkler system in and that seemed to help a bunch also. This year I need to do a little patch work in front and I just bought a flat device that I can use to pound down the grass and soil so I can get rid of some of the bumps I made last year putting in the system. I still want to dig up 3 of the valves (two that have a small leak and one that needs to be raised a bit so there is not a hold in the yard. I actually need to dig 2 up to raise a bit). After I get those valves all setup and finished, I just need to put in about 3 more feet of copper pipe and then it will be hooked to the main water line in the house. This spring I hope to put in at least one if not two landscape areas to help cover up and hide some of the utility boxes in the front yard. After those two are in I think the yard will be in good shape and I only will work on getting the grass to look better. I want to put a screen door in the front door so we can leave that open in the summer for a nice breeze. Later in the summer of early fall I want to put a door in the back of the garage so we can let taylor in and out of that door instead of the back sliding glass door.

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